UNILINK Sports Student-Athletes: Holly Cuozzo (Rugby)

Holly Cuozzo will be playing rugby for the University of Essex (England) and studying a masters in Sports & Exercise Science MSc.

Holly had previously graduated from the University of Maryland and had been working as a personal trainer. She had planned to eventually pursue higher education related to fitness, but when she heard about UNILINK Sports and the opportunity to play a high level of rugby, she jumped at the chance!

We asked Holly what excited her most about a) coming to the United Kingdom and b) the University of Essex. Her answer’s are as follows;

“I am definitely excited to live somewhere different, but I am most excited to live somewhere where playing rugby is more normal. Rugby (especially women’s rugby) is still considered relatively obscure in the US, which is limiting to the resources, coaching, and opportunities we have available to us. I can’t wait to see what rugby looks like over in the U.K!

I am drawn to University of Essex equally for its MSc Sport and Exercise Science program, as well as its highly competitive rugby program. I am excited to gain a stronger background in exercise science and to apply this knowledge specifically to my research. And, I am twice as excited to be able to do this while playing the sport I love, alongside girls who have played much longer than I have.

The opportunity to study here is ideal for me, and I am happy to take advantage of it!”


UNILINK Sports wishes Holly the very best of luck playing for the University of Essex Women’s Rugby Club (and Rugby 7’s Club).