2017 UNILINK Sports Student-Athletes: Jenna Roering

Jenna Roering, a talented soccer player from the USA will begin studying in grad school at the University of Hertfordshire this month.

Jenna is originally from Minnesota and has recently graduated from Santa Clara University in California. A key member of the Santa Clara University Broncos women’s soccer team, Jenna appeared in 65 NCAA Division games during her college career.

We asked Jenna her thoughts about her upcoming move to the United Kingdom:


How did you first hear about the opportunity to continue playing college soccer and studying in grad school?

I first heard about the opportunity to continue playing soccer and study in grad school from different soccer alumni and old players. I learned more about this opportunity when I was contacted by UNILINK, and did further research through them.


How did you come to pick the University of Hertfordshire?

I chose the University of Hertfordshire for many reasons, including the academics (I will be studying a masters degree in Marketing), the location of the university, and the athletics facilities to name a few.


How did UNILINK Sports help you throughout the application process?

UNILINK Sports has been more than helpful throughout this whole process. They have helped answer every single one of my questions, in a timely manner. I was given plenty of information on different universities and course; and then was helped through the process of applying for my chosen school. I have even been helped with applying for my student visa, accommodations, and student loans. I don’t know what I would have done without the services UNILINK Sports has provided.


What do you know about soccer in England and the United Kingdom?

I didn’t know much about soccer in England and the United Kingdom much before UNILINK, and I’m still in the process of learning more. I am looking to forward to meeting my new team mates at Hertfordshire.


Apart from playing and studying, what excites you about living in the United Kingdom?

Being an American student and player, I was never able to travel outside of the United States, so I am more than excited to be able to travel and explore around the United Kingdom, and even around the rest of Europe during downtime.


If you are interested in finding out how you can study for a masters degree and keep playing college soccer, contact us at student_athlete@unilinksports.com