2017 UNILINK Sports Student-Athletes: Khyle Andres Diaz

Khyle Andres Diaz will be playing basketball at the University of Westminster whilst studying a Masters in International Business & Management this year.

Khyle, who recently graduated from Keystone College PA, will help the UWSU Basketball Dragons compete in the British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) basketball competition as well as the London Metropolitan Basketball League.

If you are a basketball player who is looking to study in grad school but have run out of NCAA/NAIA eligibility, you can still play college ball in the United Kingdom. For more information, contact UNILINK Sports to find out how: student_athlete@unilinksports.com





Khyle sat down with Westminster Basketball to discuss what he’s most looking forward to with Westminster and what his expectations are as he embarks on being a student-athlete in London.

  1. Khyle, welcome to the University of Westminster! 
    What attracted to you most about our basketball programme at Westminster, and why was this your choice over any other schools in the UK?

    KD: I did my research of the program through the website as well as on social media while talking to Coach Clive so I was comfortable with this decision. Another factor that I enjoyed is the fact that Westminster is in London, coming from Miami I prefer big cities. Also, I have family in London I will be staying with so it is more convenient.

  2. What are your goals for your debut season and what are you looking forward to most with the Dragons?

    KD: My goals are to play a big role on the team and to win as much as possible. At my college In America, we didn’t win as much as we should have and it was not for a lack of talent. It was small issues such as leadership and mental focus. I hope to bring leadership and to teach my teammates about the American game as well as learn from them more about the European style of play. I’m looking forward to really understanding more about the European game and learning skills I may not have learned in America so that I can play professionally in Europe in the following years.

  3. You have experience playing in Europe, what would you say is the differences between the US and European basketball game?

    KD: I would say the biggest difference is the athleticism/physicality and the teamwork aspect. In America, it is a lot more isolation and letting a superior athlete take over in a one on one setting while in Europe it is more moving the ball and great shooting and communicating.

    In America, you can’t really hand check the ball handler so it gives the person on offense a great chance to score if they can create with the ball while in Europe the defenders I played were allowed to be more physical with the ball handler. From what I have heard from my friends playing in different countries it does vary from country to country so I am excited to see what type of play I will be dealing within the U.K.

  4. How was your overall experience playing in the NCAA with the Keystone Giants?

    KD: My experience playing with the Keystone Giants was an interesting one. There were ups and downs as at first I was injured and had to watch from the sidelines more but was beneficial as I learned from an All-American and a trio of 1,000 point scorers. After that, I was finally healthy and played a significant role my senior year as I broke the record for 3 pointers in a game while having the second most makes in the conference. For me, I got to watch and learn from great players but also got my opportunity and took advantage of it. The only thing I would change is winning more games but its the past. All I can do now is try to win games for Westminster.

  5. How would you describe your overall game and what can you add to the Dragons line-up?

    KD: Shooting. The first thing someone would notice from my college film would be that I am a knockdown shooter and I’m capable of getting hot and making difficult shots. Fortunately for me this past summer Miami was full of NBA players so I had the opportunity to be in the gym and learn from some of the best players in the world which I know will translate to my game and I can teach my teammates at Westminster as well. My ball handling and playmaking ability have taken a leap and I am excited to get the Westminster and show that.

  6. Any extra points you would like to add?

    KD: I am excited to work with Coach Clive and my teammates as we build a winning tradition at Westminster and I hope that this year coming up is beneficial to us all.