University of Soccer / Olympic Management

Set in the heart or Rome, and established as recently as 2018 University of Soccer / Olympic Management offers students plentiful opportunities of placement into clubs that pay within the city.

University of Soccer / Olympic Management



Sporting Achievements:

Sports on offer: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby & Lacrosse.

Student-athletes will receive a high level of coaching in their chosen sport and also be placed with clubs to play with the city.

SMI & OMI are both located in Rome, Italy.

Student-Athletes can either study a Master’s in Sports Coaching & Management, or  undergraduates can ‘Study Abroad’ as part of their chosen Major. Classes will be held at the Link Campus University of Rome, located only metres away from The Vatican.

All soccer players at SMI will be part of the professional soccer academy; Rome City FC. Players will train professionals with Rome City FC, whilst also showcasing their talents to clubs all over Italy through regular matches, showcases and trial games during the season.

SMI have had great successes placing their players into clubs in Serie A, B and C.